Choose a darker outfit and no transparent clothes: how to make a “shock” profile photo for a social network


Do you think it's time to change your profile picture? What if you want a great photo but don't know how? Even if you don't know a professional photographer, your friends can take pictures of you the way you want. All you have to do is pay attention to some essential details.

What is this about? With a well-chosen color or pattern on your clothes, you will really be happy with the end result. So, what should you pay attention to if you want to make a “shock” profile photo for a social network?

Simple Approach


Unfortunately, we have some bad news: some things that look incredibly beautiful in real life don't necessarily look good in photos. If you want the image to be focused on you, not on your clothes, don't let anything detract from the main goal.

What can be done? Refrain from clothes that are overly filled with color patterns: just choose one color that stands out. Believe me, simplicity is sometimes better than rich colors! And one more detail: if you want a standing portrait, be sure to consider whether the item of clothing matches the color of your eyes and skin.

Classic patterns


As we have already mentioned, avoid ostentatious, overly patterned things if you want to get a good photo. While a tropical print dress may look great on you in real life, in a picture it will detract from your facial features, which in turn is not at all effective.

If you have a passion for patterns, choose checkered or striped clothes: according to experts, clothes with vertical stripes will look prettier. Don't go overboard with decorations: a simple, minimally stylized piece of jewelry can be a real winner in your case.

Choose what suits you personally


Probably, few of us have a model physique, so do not be surprised if the dress looked great in the photo, but during the fitting it was much worse. If you purchase an item ordered online, you may not be happy with the end result.

Therefore, avoid oversized items and clothes that fit snugly to the body. The most important thing is to choose what really suits your physique, character and personal taste. So you are guaranteed to be satisfied with the end result.

Darker outfit


Perhaps you like bright or colored things the most: of course, in some cases they will suit you too, but for a photo shoot it is still worth choosing a darker outfit.

Such clothes emphasize your figure much more and at the same time hide those extra pounds. As incredible as it may seem, darker outfits can look good against a dark background. So, black, brown, blue and dark green would be good choices.

Perfect cut


Don't just focus on your silhouette when photographing: the right top with the perfect cut can give a truly outstanding result. If you do not want to focus on the neckline, then a square neckline is the most appropriate choice.

Keep in mind that off-the-shoulder clothing may seem too provocative. Moreover, in some cases, it makes your shoulders much wider than they actually are. Remember that everything should be in moderation and with taste.

No see-through clothing


When taking a photo for a profile on a social network, it is better to avoid transparent clothing. Why? Although Hollywood stars like to experiment with this kind of thing on the red carpet, dressing the same way is not a good idea. On the street it may look good, but in the photo you are unlikely to like the spectacle. The same applies to dresses with a very deep neckline - it is better to avoid such revealing clothes.