Cream exfoliant: what is it, what is it for, how to use it?


Due to the influence of various internal and external factors, the skin can become dull, acquire a painful shade, and become covered with small defects. To correct the situation safely and quickly allows the exfoliant cream. It cleanses the skin, freeing it from keratinized particles. In its action, the exfoliant is similar to peeling, only unlike it, such a cream does not damage, but breaks down dead cells as delicately as possible. Even one application allows you to get rid of minor defects and give the skin a healthy look.

Mechanism of action

The result of using an exfoliating cream depends on the ingredients it contains. The components of the product are absorbed into the skin, dissolving and eliminating keratinized, excess particles. At the same time, the natural processes of creating new cells are accelerated. Cosmetologists borrowed this idea from dermatologists. After all, it is on this principle that medicinal preparations that fight against skin pathologies work.

When dead particles are removed from the surface of the skin, its cells begin to quickly renew themselves, replacing the vacated space with elastic tissues. At the same time, even minor scars and wrinkles disappear, and the skin itself acquires a beautiful glow. The exfoliating cream has a rejuvenating effect that is clearly visible even after the first application.


These tools should be used with extreme caution. After all, an aggressive chemical composition can damage the skin in inept hands. If you use such a cream, exactly following the instructions, you can get amazing results.


Exfoliating creams are able to restore the lost elasticity of the skin, slow down the natural processes of aging and withering of the dermis. The effect of using the product depends on its type and the type of skin itself. There are several types of creams.

  • Acid cream masks. Exfoliants of this type delicately affect the skin due to the presence of active acids in the composition. They dissolve the cellular bonds of dead cells with living ones, thus eliminating all kinds of pollution.
  • Acid free creams. Such products do not have an aggressive effect during cleansing. They contain natural, delicate extracts that are recommended for owners of too sensitive or mature skin. After the use of such funds, there is definitely no traumatic effect.
  • Enzymatic exfoliants. The enzymes that make up such products gently act on keratinized particles, touching only the outer layer.

Composition of acid agents

Creams and gels with acids are great for girls with problem skin and acne. And all because such products are perfectly absorbed into the skin and solve the problem from the inside.

Exfoliating creams can contain one type or a whole complex of various acids. Chemical agents gently corrode the surface of the epidermis, destroying dead particles and penetrating as deep as possible to the base of the skin, where tissue renewal takes place. Most often, these creams include:

  • AHA acid containing tartaric, acetic, glycolic, lactic or malic acid;
  • BHA acid, which consists of salicylic acid, which overcomes the lipid barrier and disinfects the skin.

How to choose the right tool

Like any other chemical peel formulation, the exfoliant should be appropriate for your skin type. For example, if you are the owner of skin prone to oiliness and various rashes, then you will need salicylic acid to achieve a good result. For you, it will be a real salvation from black spots and acne. The main advantage of salicylic acid is that it is able to penetrate deep into the skin and ensure the penetration of other ingredients. In addition, it is famous for its antibacterial effect.

If you have sensitive dry skin, then too aggressive exposure can only harm you. But be that as it may, dry skin also needs regular cleansing. And for this, water-soluble acids, such as lactic, malic or tartaric acid, are perfect. Such components not only effectively cleanse the skin, but also protect it from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. In addition, water-soluble acids help the epidermis retain moisture.


Owners of skin prone to allergies, it is best to stock up on a cream, which will include a combination of lactic and glycolic acids. They cleanse the skin very gently, however, and the result will not be as pronounced as in the case of other exfoliants. But on the other hand, your skin will definitely remain completely safe and intact.

Selection Tips

In order to stock up on a truly effective remedy, you should learn to understand its chemical composition. So, a very important role is played by the concentration of active substances in the exfoliant. Alpha acids in the composition of the product should be about 5-10%, and beta acids - a maximum of 2%. It is very important to pay attention to this nuance and choose the right cream. If there are too few acids, then you simply will not see any effect, but if their concentration exceeds the permissible value, then you risk severe damage to the skin. Believe me, in order to return the former state of the dermis, you will have to make a titanic effort.


Expert advice

True, manufacturers do not often honestly indicate the percentage of active ingredients. But this does not mean at all that you cannot determine it yourself. You can determine the concentration of components by paying attention to the order of the ingredients listed in the list. For example, water-soluble acids should be in 3rd, 4th or 5th place, but salicylic acid should not be higher than in the middle of this list. And also pay attention to one nuance: the composition should contain acids, and not their derivatives or the substances from which they are obtained.

Some mistakenly take retinol for a substance that has the properties of water-soluble acids. After all, it is often added to exfoliating creams. But in fact, these components have a completely opposite purpose. Retinol does not cause peeling and elimination of dead particles, on the contrary, it is designed to give the skin softness.

Feedback on the most popular creams

If possible, read the reviews of the brand you like. Experts advise choosing funds from popular brands with a good reputation. For example, reviews of the Kora exfoliant cream with fruit acids are overwhelmingly positive. Girls who used this tool note its high efficiency and safety. According to them, the cream-exfoliant "Bark" perfectly cleanses the skin, eliminates minor imperfections and tones it. Even after one application, the effect becomes visible: clean, smooth skin, radiant with health. Perfectly reanimates problem skin, brightens age spots, eliminates small scars and post-acne - that's what the Bark cream-mask is capable of. The exfoliant of this brand is popular and laudatory, so you can safely buy it without any fear.


"Belita Vitex" is another no less popular cream mask with fruit acids. Reviews about the exfoliant of this brand are also mostly positive. The remedy from the Belarusian manufacturer gives an excellent result after the first application. The skin acquires an even tone, a healthy look and shine. The girls who used this remedy note a pleasant feeling of freshness and lightness after the procedure. According to reviews, the exfoliating cream "Belita Vitex" is absolutely safe with proper use, gives excellent results.


How to use the facial

Applying an exfoliant is actually quite easy. In the process, you should follow only a few rules.

  • Masks and exfoliating creams with fruit acids can be used no more than twice a week. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that they can treat the skin near the eyes, avoiding only the eyelids.
  • If the product you have chosen contains water-soluble acids, it is advisable to apply micellar water or any tonic to the skin before using it. So you can achieve a more pronounced effect. Don't worry if you feel a slight tingling or tingling during the process - it will pass in a few minutes.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the reaction of your skin. If after the procedure it turns red, then the cream does not suit you. In this case, you should choose another product with a different composition or a lower concentration of acids.
  • It is especially useful to use an exfoliant in the summer. After all, it creates a kind of barrier on the skin that protects it from the harmful effects of sunlight. But do not abuse such products, especially if your skin is still young. If the epidermis loses its top layer, it becomes extremely vulnerable and tender.
  • Before applying the cream, it is desirable to steam the skin - in this state, it will absorb all the beneficial components much better. Apply the exfoliant to the neck and face following the massage lines. After a few minutes, the cream will dry slightly and become covered with a thin soft crust. By removing it, you will remove dead skin particles from the skin.

How to use body exfoliant

Fruit acids, which are part of such creams, perfectly cleanse the skin and stimulate the production of new cells.

The exfoliant is recommended to be applied to problem areas to get rid of cellulite and tighten the skin a little. This effect is achieved due to increased blood circulation, improved metabolic processes and massage effect.


Regular use of creams with acids can significantly improve the condition of the skin and its appearance. And the process itself is extremely simple. First, the skin must be cleansed by taking a shower or bath, and then simply apply the selected product. After application, wait 8-10 minutes and wash off the cream with warm water.


When choosing an exfoliant, be sure to consider your skin type. The more sensitive it is, the more delicate the agent used should be. Otherwise, you risk not improving the condition of the skin, but only exacerbating existing problems.