Creamy foundations and waterproof mascara. Wedding make-up guidelines for 2022

Preparing for a wedding is an exciting and demanding period. Every detail must be carefully thought out. This also applies to make-up. Experienced make-up artists share information on wedding trends and some of the tricks needed when applying make-up.


Prepare the base

The wedding can drag on for a long time, so you need to make sure that you do everything right from the very beginning. Makeup artists explain: “You can be outdoors under bright sunlight during the day, and in the evening - in a dimly lit room. It is important to choose a foundation or other base product that is suitable for both. Use concealer only where needed for more coverage. Keep in mind that adding is easier than removing.


Be careful

Your wedding photos will stay with you forever. And the wedding is probably not the best day to try something new in makeup. If you want to feel special, take the time to perfect your regular look. For example, apply a face mask the day before to give your skin an extra glow. And be sure to apply makeup in as much natural light as possible.

Waterproof mascara


From early morning until the last dance, you need to keep your make-up. If you are prone to emotional tears, use waterproof mascara. Curl them up and apply mascara in a zigzag motion to set the curve.


Creamy texture

Cream or liquid formulas look great in daylight, so try using cream blush instead of powder. If you don't feel like buying new makeup for a single occasion, apply a simple lipstick to your cheeks for a fresh blush that goes well with your lip color.


Use sepia tones

Finally, it is important to think carefully about the color palette before you start applying makeup. Makeup artists recommend using natural sepia for the eyes and your natural blush as a guide for your cheeks and lips. A little mascara and a little highlighter on the cheekbones - and you're done.