Dried cilantro: use in cooking and healing the body


What is cilantro? Dried cilantro and its seeds, what are they called? How is this plant used in cooking and is it good for the body? Our article on cilantro will answer these and some other questions.

One plant, two spices


Dried cilantro (another name for the plant is coriander) is used as a seasoning for dishes. The plant is also popularly referred to as "Chinese parsley". Outwardly, they are similar. But cilantro is perhaps more diverse in its uses and uses during cooking.

The green leaves of the plant are most commonly referred to as cilantro. But the fruits (ground and whole) - coriander. Thus, more than one useful spice for cooking is obtained from one plant.

How is it used in cooking


Of course, fruits are more valuable, but greens also go well with many dishes. Greens are good in salads, fish dishes and soups. Fruits often find their application during the manufacture of cheeses, marinades, canned food. Some sausages are made with the addition of coriander (cilantro) seeds. People have found use for coriander even in the brewing direction and in the production of some liquors. Still grains of dry coriander are used in baking.

Taste Description

Talking about taste is not always possible. However, let's try to do this for those who have no idea what coriander (cilantro) tastes like. Here's a pretty rough description:

  • dried cilantro greens have a bitter taste and a rather sharp, pronounced aroma (similar to anise);
  • dried fruits of the plant have a taste of warm shades and a woody aroma.

Benefits and calories

Now let's talk about the benefits of eating cilantro for the body. Let's start with the fact that the spice has about 25 kilocalories per hundred grams of greens (fresh). Dried and fresh cilantro helps the digestive tract absorb food well. This is especially true when eating heavy meat dishes.

Cilantro helps to remove excess fluid from the body. For a diuretic effect, you can use fresh cilantro and dried cilantro. But it is best to use coriander fruits to get rid of puffiness. It is enough to brew one teaspoon of unground seeds with a glass of boiling water and insist them for three minutes. Divide the resulting liquid into three doses and drink it three times a day.

Coriander is desirable to introduce into the diet of people suffering from iron deficiency anemia. Regular use of ground spices and dried (and fresh) cilantro can bring the level of hemoglobin in the blood to more acceptable levels.

Cilantro also has a positive effect on the nervous system. By using it, you will smooth out the signs of mild depression. Anxiety and irascibility will decrease if you regularly start eating cilantro greens and adding coriander seeds to your meals. The thing is that the plant has soothing properties.



It should be remembered that this plant is considered medicinal. This means that you can not eat it completely uncontrollably. Any medicine is good in moderation, and this fragrant spice is no exception.

In order to avoid some failures in the body, it is necessary to remember the norms of consumption of this spice. Fresh cilantro will benefit only if its amount does not exceed thirty grams. Grains or ground coriander should not be consumed more than three to four grams per day.

If you ignore the norms for the consumption of this spice, you may encounter some problems. Women, with the indefatigable addition of coriander to their menu, have a great chance of knocking their cycle out of the normal rhythm. Men will find a failure of potency and earn insomnia if they are very ardent fans of this spice.