Model tests: examples, model snaps, professional photo session


When applying for a job, a person provides his future boss with his resume. It describes the knowledge of the applicant, which he received in the process of studying at the university, his experience in previous places of employment and personal qualities that allow him to perform his work creatively or uniquely. But the modeling business is a more specific thing. To be able to appreciate you, it is worth preparing high-quality model tests. Examples of these can be easily found on the Web, but we decided to consider in detail all the nuances in which they are created. So, let's begin.

What it is?

The main task of any model is the ability to look good in the frame. This does not mean that you need to "keep a mask" all day long in case you get caught by the paparazzi. This means that during the photo session, she must enter the image as much as possible and at the same time retain her personal qualities, which are evidence of her beauty. Therefore, every girl, before being enrolled in the ranks of models, is tested.

In practice, everything is simple. The agency needs to provide pictures that show natural beauty, but at the same time there is a "tendency" for such a profession, that is, photogenicity. These are, in fact, model tests, examples of which can be found in celebrity archives and other sources.

Such photos allow you to see the highlight of the girl, her qualities, her degree of photogenicity, her emancipation and, of course, the beauty of her face and body. From such pictures you can immediately see who has a predisposition to this kind of activity, and who is simply endowed with a beautiful figure, but not born for the camera.


Professional slang

If you are already a little familiar with the language of the beauty business, then you have probably heard that every agency requires model snaps when recruiting. In other words, these are snapshots in which the girl poses in accordance with specific standards. Such photos allow you to see not only her charisma and photogenicity, but also natural data. To do this, a number of rules were created according to which model tests are filmed:

  • Makeup is not allowed. In practice, makeup artists apply a slightly radiant tone to the face in order to make it more embossed, without using sculptors and highlighters.
  • Hair should be washed, naturally styled and loose. But keep an elastic band with you, sometimes they will need to be bundled.
  • Stock up on three sets of underwear - white, nude and black. They should be as minimalistic as possible and without lace inserts.
  • Simple clothing is required - jeans, shorts, T-shirts and T-shirts in neutral tones, sneakers, high heels.

Starting from natural data

So, the first example of model tests is a demonstration of the figure and the condition of the skin in general (not only on the face). Therefore, you put on underwear (any color of the three suggested that you prefer) and pose in relatively static poses. The most important thing is to show your body in the front, back, side and 3/4 position.

The same is done with the face later (except for the rear view). It is these snaps that will be key, since you are devoid of any image, you are yourself. It is necessary, in the absence of makeup and clothes, to demonstrate your beauty, photogenicity and ability to be relaxed, but at the same time to decently stay in front of the camera.

Let's take a little liberty

In fact, we have already made snaps. They were those photos that were shot in underwear and without make-up. But they will not be enough to pass model tests. Examples of further images in which a novice model can prove herself are neutral and calm combinations of clothes and makeup.

Well, it is allowed to wear jeans or denim shorts, a T-shirt or T-shirt in gray (best) color. Feet can remain bare or you can put on sneakers. The focus will be, of course, the model herself, as well as her feeling of such an image.

She can no longer afford to be in one of the above dictated poses, since there is no need now to demonstrate her skin and proportions. It is important to show plasticity, character, facial expressions, the ability to feel light and the camera. Often such pictures are taken in black and white, so that any shade of clothing, whatever it may be, does not distract attention from the girl and her position.



Continuing to fill out your first portfolio, you should not forget about brighter and more imaginative pictures. This is a full professional photo session where you can use certain outfits or costumes to show how you can match this or that image and enter it in front of the camera. Here you should follow the key tips in order not to make one of the most common mistakes:

  • Take your things to the photo session. You will feel more comfortable in them - a priori they will be your size, which cannot be said about the studio wardrobe.
  • Choose clothes with a neutral palette and calm designs. It can be a business formal suit in gray or brown, a dress with a small and not very bright print, a combination of original, but not vulgar trousers / skirt and shirt, etc. Bright things will draw all the attention to themselves, so your talents will simply be "buried" under them.
  • The image you choose should match your character as much as possible. Since you are a beginner model, it will be more difficult to get used to more alien roles, and the result is unlikely to be perfect.

Additional Recommendations

It is worth preparing for a snapshot of snaps and other types of model tests in advance - two weeks in advance. This means that you need to tidy up mainly the body and skin. If there are minor flaws in the form of a tummy - pump up and sit on a diet.

If the skin is not perfect - go to the beautician. Also drink plenty of water during these two weeks. You will look much fresher on your most important day.

In the case where one of the images of the model test involves wearing heels, try to choose the most comfortable shoes. If there are none, go constantly for two weeks in those that you take for shooting in order to get used to it. Well, do not abuse alcohol during this period - it is better not to drink it at all before the photo shoot.



Shooting snaps and images for a model test is tricky business. It is important that all its members not only participate in the process itself, but cooperate - the photographer, the model, the make-up artist, and the stylist. With mutual understanding, the result will be much better than in the absence of such.