What do you do first: makeup or hair? Evening make-up and hairstyle


Preparing for any celebration, be it a birthday, corporate party, wedding (your own or a loved one), is always stressful for a woman. Contrary to popular male belief, girls dress quickly. Any woman who has chosen an outfit in advance is able to put on underwear, tights and a dress in a matter of minutes. But before you get dressed, you need to do makeup and hair. And these procedures can take hours. Moreover, the result is not always successful on the first try, and something has to be changed and redone.

At the same time, every girl wonders what they do first - makeup or hair. Each option has its pros, as well as its cons.


Professional makeup

Professional make-up is a special kind of art. It has practically nothing to do with everyday makeup, the one that every woman makes herself. Festive or evening make-up done by a make-up artist will not lose its freshness even after a few hours: the tonal foundation will not flow, lipstick will not smudge, the shadows will remain in place, and will not clump into ugly lumps. Given the fact that every event is photographed and faces are often taken close-up, it's easy to see why a professional make-up becomes a necessity.

The whole secret is in cosmetics. You cannot buy it in a regular store, even in branded boutiques there are no such funds. The magic inscription "professional" does not make mascara and lipstick such. Make-up artists buy all their tools on order, in large palettes. And the price of such a miracle suitcase is quite high. Therefore, you should not be horrified by the cost of makeup from a good master - he lays in it not only the price of his time, but also the cost of expensive materials.

But what to do first - makeup or hair? What do make-up and hairdressing masters do when their work conflicts?


Hairstyle at home and in the hairdresser

Young girls often experiment with daily styling. At a young age, people often change their image, as they are looking for their own style and love to try new things. Older women, especially working ones, have a minimum of time for styling - no more than 10-15 minutes. At the same time, hair is often twisted in curlers since the evening, so make-up is done first.

When the master does the styling for a holiday, this is a completely different matter. She is more complex, refined - with her hair raised high, as in old portraits, or in the style of a Greek goddess, with beautifully flowing curls. Ribbons, beads, flowers and other decorations are often woven into the hair. The master can spend several hours on such laying.

So what do you do first - makeup or hair? In fact, there are advantages to both options. Let's dwell on them in more detail.


Why you need to do makeup first

Which is better to do first - hair or makeup? If you ask the makeup artist, he will vote for the make-up to be done first. And there are several reasons for this:

  1. Until the styling is done, you can apply the correct tonal foundation - along the hairline, on the neck and décolleté.
  2. Flowing curls are very disturbing.
  3. The dye may accidentally get on the hair.
  4. Quite often, the trial version of the make-up is washed off, which can damage the styling.

Why you should do the styling first

The hairdresser has a different opinion. And if you ask him about what is done first - hair or makeup, then he will vote for the hair. And that's why:

  1. During styling, use a hot hair dryer, and the foundation can "float".
  2. The hair is moistened with water, which blurs the border of the make-up along the hairline.
  3. During fixation, foam and varnish can get on the face. It comes out especially ugly when glitter varnish is used. If you start rubbing styling products off your face, you will have to reapply the make-up. If they are not removed, then they will still appear in the photo. Not to mention that it's just annoying.
  4. Sometimes during styling, you need to slightly trim the bangs. The hair will then fall over the face.

So what do you do first - makeup or hair? This is a rather difficult choice. If you do one job earlier, then there is a risk that it will be spoiled during the second procedure. Fortunately, there is a third option, in which you do not have to choose.



Festive or evening hair and make-up are often done simultaneously by two different people - a make-up artist and a stylist. They work as a team, trying not to ruin each other's work. At the same time, they can adjust their actions so that in the end they get a single image, harmonious and complete.

Finding such a team of masters is a real success. If you invite a separate make-up artist and a separate stylist who have not worked together before, there is a risk that they will not work together.


Master's Choice

Not all ladies can afford to pay for the services of two different masters - a stylist and a makeup artist. Does such a person exist in one person, that is, a master of hairstyles and makeup? There are such professionals, and even often, but finding a good master among them is not easy. Often such a person specializes in one activity in which he is a real guru. And the second - just an additional extra money.

In order not to be disappointed, when choosing a master, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

  • The presence of professional cosmetics.
  • Recommendations and portfolio. It is advisable to look at the finished work of the master at least in the photo and make sure that he has talent. Stylist and make-up artist are examples of those professions in which even having a lot of experience is not enough. You need artistic taste and an innate ability to see and do something beautiful.
  • Education, certificates. If the master studied abroad, this is a plus. Although usually such specialists double their price tag.
  • Tight work schedule. The last point indicates that the master is in demand, therefore, he has a high rating in his field of activity.

You can also recommend doing a trial styling and makeup. They can usually be ordered on a weekday, with a 40-50% discount. This will require additional expenses, but when it comes to a really important event, such as a wedding, it is better not to save.

Summing up

So what do you do first - hair or makeup? If we are talking about a really important event, then it is better to pay for the services of two masters who will work simultaneously. In extreme cases, you can order both services from one person, but then you need to take into account the fact that he will need much more time.

If the masters are different and work at different times, then it is better to do the hair first. Yes, then it will be very difficult for the makeup artist to work. But if you do the opposite, you can ruin the make-up, which will be very well seen in the photo.

In everyday life, it is quite acceptable to do makeup first, and then styling. Or vice versa, whichever is more convenient for you.