Women's workout clothes: what you need to know before buying


During the quarantine period, many are working at home. If you are exercising in front of a mirror, then a shape that fits your figure and fixes your body well will allow you to track all the nuances of the exercise technique and quickly correct the position if necessary.

If you exercise in too loose clothing, there is a chance of missing important details and even injuring yourself. Therefore, you should not wear home clothes for classes: they are not designed for training and can even harm. For example, to transfer the body with small parts, which will worsen the functioning of the lymphatic system and compress the blood vessels. To prevent this from happening, you need to understand the criteria for quality clothing and collect your basic sports wardrobe.

Criteria for choosing quality clothing

When choosing clothes for indoor and outdoor activities, you need to consider the type of activity, location and weather conditions. In both cases, it is worth remembering the basic requirements for sportswear:

  1. The form does not constrain movements. It is advisable to give preference to leggings / capri / shorts and bras. Comfort and freedom of movement allow you to enjoy training and control your technique.
  2. The bra holds the chest well. In shock loads involving jumping and running or using heavy weights, it is important to control the chest. If it is not fixed, then stretch marks and flabbiness can be provoked.
  3. Shoes provide stability. Thanks to well-chosen shoes, you can properly distribute the load on the entire foot and, therefore, avoid possible injuries. If sweating or rubbing of the feet occurs during classes, you need to look for other socks. It is better to give preference to seamless patterns.
  4. Clothing provides protection against hypothermia. If you are exercising in cold weather, make sure that all joints are protected: trousers, sweatshirts, stockings (to protect the knees and ankles), thermal underwear, scarf, gloves - everything should help to avoid hypothermia.
  5. The shape allows air to pass through, retains heat and quickly returns to its original shape. It is necessary that the skin "breathe", so it is necessary to give preference not to natural fabrics (they get wet quickly), but to special synthetic ones that remove excess moisture from the body. Another hallmark of high-quality sportswear is the ability to stretch well and return to its original shape.
  6. Gloves protect against injury. In strength training in the gym, or super-intense with your weight, the hand is often involved. In order not to get to the doctor after class, gloves are needed.
  7. Underwear provides good ventilation. And for this reason, it should also be made from synthetics, and not from natural fabrics. True, you need to wear such underwear only during classes.

Basic sports wardrobe


Bra. Density measurement must be indicated on the top

Light support is suitable for small breasts and is recommended for Pilates, yoga, strength training without jumping, stretching. Features of this level of density: thin fabric with high elasticity, a minimum of squeezing elastic bands. The composition can be mostly cotton or polyester.

Medium is suitable for any chest size and is needed for a more intense load: impact exercises in strength training or even running. Features: the fabric is denser, and for more support there can be a cross-fabric on the back. The ribs here give a good supportive frame to the top. The composition is dominated by polyester (88%).

High - Ideal for medium to large breasts for high intensity workouts. Features: these are the most dense tops, frame models with less elastic fabrics. They fit well and support the chest, they need to be selected like regular bras. The composition is usually dominated by nylon.


They also consist predominantly of polyester combined with cotton. Synthetic retains 16 times less water droplets than cotton, so it dries faster. Elastane in the composition provides good breathability, resistance to dirt and fading.


They should be with a good shock-absorbing sole and fixation of the foot. A multilayer sole 1.5-2 cm high is suitable for this. Please note that it is light, flexible, elastic, slightly corrugated. It is important to choose shoes according to size. And the more weight, the higher the level of depreciation. It is necessary that the front of the shoe is widened for comfort in the toes.

If you're a runner, look for sleek shoes with minimal seams and mesh uppers to keep your feet breathable. Remember, the health of joints, ligaments, muscles, and not just comfort depends on shoes.

Suit for outdoor sports

The main requirement for it is a heat-insulating lining. To do this, it must be sewn from a denser fabric with an additional lining.

What else is important to consider when choosing

Of course, the style, colors, texture of the fabric, in which you will feel more beautiful. This gives confidence and strength during class, increases self-esteem and motivates. We should like ourselves in a sports uniform that skillfully emphasizes our strengths and hides our weaknesses.